The modern-day workplace encompasses everything that enables employees to interact and be productive. To improve employee experience and overall performance, organizations must start by understanding their digital work environment.

Developing a hybrid work culture has become fundamental for organizations to stay competitive and be an attractive employer. For instance, we have previously discussed that younger generations consider digital readiness a decisive factor when deciding between job offers. To meet the future tides of work, organizations are therefore starting to view the ideal workplace as an infrastructure of space and digital.

However, what seems to be the more challenging is the leap from awareness to action. A recent report shows that HR professionals face significant challenges in streamlining digital work processes and supporting a hybrid workplace model. Moreover, they emphasize that they lack knowledge of what actions to take to promote new behaviors and move towards more automated working methods. 

With a DAX™ analysis, we support organizations with understanding how their current digital workplace support employees in their work. Based on the analysis, we propose concrete actions to start the transition towards optimizing the digital work environment. 

The guiding principle for the analysis is how employees relate to and utilize digital services available to them. The only way to truly assess an organization’s digital status and proceed with the digital transformation is to start from employees’ perspective. After all, we are dealing with processes and behaviors, not technology, which is reflected in the challenging digital areas identified by HR professionals.

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