In the hybrid and flexible work-life, digital learning initiatives are becoming a must for organizations to tend to the employee experience, develop competencies, and achieve desired cultural change. What follows is key takeaways from the month’s content, which are all about the potential of digital learning.  

Learning Fatigue and how to avoid it

One of the hallmarks of digital learning is to hand over the learning process to employees. And that is a good thing. However, more of something does not equal better. Digital learning should make learning more flexible and engaging for employees, and those objectives must be a part of the implementation. Otherwise, when employees are overwhelmed with digital to-dos, we end up causing learning fatigue. We provide tips and preferable approaches when considering digital learning programs to prevent digital learning from being contra-productive. 

Employee first, technology second

Related to a potential overenthusiasm for digital learning, we discussed how digital learning is all about the employee and finding the most effective way to convey knowledge. When starting from how the employees relate to the digital work environment, organizations increase their chances of starting with digital learning here and now. One approach we use to exemplify this is Just in time learning, which illustrates how effective and relevant digital learning should prioritize behavior and processes rather than technology. 

Digital learning improves the digital workplace

In addition to digital learning providing creative and engaging ways to bridge knowledge gaps, its mere format can improve the digital workplace. When employees turn to digital learning, it naturally cements digital work behavior and strengthens digital literacy. The more comfortable employees are with digital aspects of the workplace, the more they will conceive them as indispensable to their work. That is the ultimate goal of a well-functioning digital workplace. The case we use for illustration concerns knowledge sharing among employees and how such digital learning initiatives can improve employees’ sense of digital community. We also emphasize that organizations should consider digital learning holistic and not merely transfer traditional learning to digital formats. 

Are you in the process of implementing digital learning? 

We are happy to be part of your digital learning journey. If you are thinking about improving or initiating change in the organization, we support strategic decisions and build the digital learning from scratch.  

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