The frictionless use of digital tools, services and processes are essential for a successful organization. A well functioning digital workplace supports overall performance and employee experience – which are far from separated. A business is its people, and how employees experience their situation at work influences all organizational activity

There seems to be a gap between organizations believing that a well functioning digital employee experience (DEX) is important and existing strategies to support it. Add to this that 91% of generation Z says that organizations digital readiness will have the final say between similar job offers. These are two telling indicators of organizations needing to evaluate and find ways to improve their digital profile.   

Edmund specializes in and is passionate about helping organizations succeed with their digital change journey. We are convinced that the whole organization benefits from maximizing returns of digital investments. The first step to decide on strategies to go about this is to evaluate the current situation: What parts of the digital workplace are healthy? What needs to change to improve employee’s digital experience of the workplace over time?   

DAX™ (Digital Adoption Experience) is our method to propose concrete actions to start the process of optimizing the digital workplace. We analyze the current situation and identifiy future paths using qualitative and quantitative approaches. Three areas in particular depends on the degree to which the digital workplace runs smoothly: collaborationcommunication and knowledge sharing.      

 The DAX analysis focus on the following to get a thorough understanding of the organization and define what ought to be prioritized for a successful digital journey:   

  • Employee needs   
    We identify whether employee’s digital needs are satisfied in terms of collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.  
  • Target groups    
    Different departments encounter different challenges and needs. We find out what these are.   
  • Areas of improvement    
    We need to know how employees relate to the current digital work to identify what areas employees need to know more about through communication, information and education.  
  • Attitude   
    We listen to what employees have to say. For any change to start, we need to know about attitudes towards digital affairs and potential future projects.  
  • Internal ambassadors   
    We want to know which employees can act as internal ambassadors. These will support the process of improving the digital workplace by day-to-day interaction with employees.  
  • Success factors    
    We establish how to measure the effect of initiatives overtime on employee digital experience.   

Having conducted the analysis, we will understand how to plan for the digital change journey to start reaping the many benefits of a sound and up-to-date digital workplace.  

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