Get an entire marketing department for the cost of one employee.

Everything your marketing department needs for a fixed monthly fee

Bringing in a full-service agency has historically been very expensive, but now we offer full service for a fixed monthly fee. You get access to an entire team of designers, digital marketing specialists, frontend developers, copywriters, and strategists for the price of a single, full-time employee, or less!

You decide what budget you want to allocate each month, and together with your dedicated Edmund team strategist, we decide which competencies are necessary for your specific need.

Needs tend to change over time, but since you have access to a team of specialists, we can change direction instantly. Our flexible retainer model also lets you move hours between months, regardless if you want to save- or borrow hours from next months budget. Your needs dictates the terms!

Our areas of experise

Creative, design & UX

Copywriting, UX design, UI design, Art Director, Digital design, UX writing, Content specialist, Video production, Animation, Illustration, Graphic design etc.

Performance marketing

Digital marketing, Social media management, web analysis, data-driven marketing, Google marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO optimization, offline advertising, etc.

Web development

Frontend development, WordPress development, Backend development, full stack development, etc.


Digital strategy, web strategy, content strategy, brand strategy, etc.

Our clients

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